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illustration of interperters attending a conference

Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting?

Lukáš Slovák Ciferník09.08.2019 Reading time: 3 min.

Interpreting is often confused with translation, but as we explained in the previous article, the difference is that interpreters work with the spoken word, while translators work...

man and woman standing next to company glossary

4 benefits of having a company term glossary

Michal Kmeť Ciferník24.07.2019 Reading time: 2 min.

Appropriately chosen expressions, style and the use of uniform terminology all help to maintain the internal and external logic of your written presentation. Consistent use of...

Project managers from Lexika at memoQfest / Projektoví manažéri Lexiky na memoQfeste

LEXIKA at memoQfest 2019

Lukáš Slovák Ciferník10.07.2019 Reading time: 3 min.

With the aim of constant improvement and innovating our services, we attended the 11th memoQfest that took place in sunny Budapest. LEXIKA joined this year’s memoQfest...

globe with speach bubbles

Foreign languages in numbers

Simona Pralovska Ciferník10.06.2019 Reading time: 3 min.

Do you know which language is the most widespread in the world? Is it Chinese, English, Arabic or some other language? The answer is not a simple one. For one thing, it depends on...

Cat sitting on a computer

What you should know before deciding on a CAT tool

Denisa Kytová Ciferník17.05.2019 Reading time: 4 min.

Have you ever been looking for a term that you already translated, but you could not find it anywhere? Would you like to organize your translations database better and work more...

hands with red pen revising the document

Translation: to revise or not to revise?

Denisa Kytová Ciferník03.04.2019 Reading time: 2 min.

Usually when ordering a translation from a translation company, one company offers you only a translation, another a translation with revision or both options, and you have to...

Thinking woman, hand with thumbs up and down

Translating with CAT tools – YES or NO?

Darina Časárová Ciferník27.03.2019 Reading time: 3 min.

Whether you are an experienced translator or you just started, the idea of working with CAT tools has surely crossed your mind. You’re asking yourself: Will it really help me?...